What is the Girlgaze Network?
How does a Company subscribe to the Girlgaze Network so they can start hiring from the Girlgaze community ASAP?
Why does every Company need a subscription to the Girlgaze Network?
What is the cost for Companies to use the Girlgaze Network?
I’m a Creative, how do I apply to be on the Girlgaze Network?
Is there a cost for Creatives to apply or use the Girlgaze Network?
What’s the makeup of the Girlgaze creative community that is on the Girlgaze Network (e.g., locations, skill sets, industries)?
I’m a Creative who was accepted into the Girlgaze Network, what do I need to know about setting up my profile and how do I start getting access to gigs?
How do I get featured on the Girlgaze’s Instagram, Girlgaze’s homepage and other social platforms?
I am a Creative that applied for the Girlgaze Network and was placed on the waitlist, when will I know whether I was accepted?
Does Girlgaze do larger partnerships with companies and brands?
Who do I contact for Technical Support?
How do I reset my password?
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