I’m a Creative who was accepted into the Girlgaze Network, what do I need to know about setting up my profile and how do I start getting access to gigs?

In order to ensure that you come up in search results and that you’re able to view and apply to jobs and opportunities, you need to make sure that you’ve completed your portfolio.  That means making sure that you have at least 3 projects uploaded and you complete your bio, skills and other background information.  Overall, it’s important that you present your work in the best possible light, so definitely give your portfolio an overall review.

Remember, there are jobs and opportunities on the platform that you can apply to directly, but both our team at Girlgaze, as well as Company subscribers on the Girlgaze Network, are always browsing and searching.  You never know when you might get contacted directly for a job.  So stay on your toes, and make sure that your portfolio stays up to date.  Also, make sure you are regularly checking your email to see if a Company has contacted you directly.

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