Girlgaze x Adobe

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The Project

Girlgaze Director Lina Plioplyte teamed up with Adobe to speak with 5 women that we at Girlgaze look up to in the creative and business worlds. In our conversations, we asked them how they got to the top of each of their career paths and gleaned tips for success you won’t learn in school. Learn the nitty gritty details of what it takes to build your career from the personal journeys of Amanda de Cadet (Girlgaze, The Conversation)Moj Mahdara (Beauty Con)Amy Levin Klein (College Fashionista)Sonja Rasula (The Unique Empire), and Jaclyn Johnson (Create & Cultivate).

Watch the videos below to get the real world career tips that you won’t learn in school.

Amanda de Cadenet

Get comfortable asking for what you want.

Amy Levin Klein

You need to have so much excitement about your brand, that it pulls everyone in who is around you.

Jaclyn Johnson

Leaning on your community, will really lend itself to success.

Moj Mahdara

Lean into listening.

Sonja Rasula

If you don't talk about what you're doing and if you don't stand up for yourself, no one will.