Girlgaze x Levi's®

Girlgaze partnered with Levi's® to release the film series #IShapeMyWorld to tell the stories of four indomitable females who have faced and defeated societal expectations to shape their world.

The Project

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Girlgaze partnered with Levi’s® to release the film series #IShapeMyWorld. These four films tell the stories of four indomitable females, directed by members of the Girlgaze community, produced in partnership with Levi’s®. The Women featured in the films ­– from a high school football pioneer to the founder of the #MeToo movement – have all faced and defeated societal expectations to shape their world.


Director: Molly Fisher
Sam Gordon is breaking ground in the world of tackle football and at 15 years old, she’s just getting started. From being the first girl to play tackle football in her town, to starting a league of all girl teams, Sam is forcing society to question what girls can’t do. In 2018, she became the first female recipient of the NFL’s Game Changer Award.

Drum As You Are

Director: Jess Colquhoun
Mona Tavakoli is an acclaimed drummer, singer and performer who believes that music can inspire and connect people to a larger purpose. She co-founded and co-directs the Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles, a nonprofit that encourages girls to find their voices through music.

Jasilyn: Activist of the Land

Director: Lina Plioplyte
Jasiyln Charger is a water protector and earth defender from the Cheyenne Rive Reservation. She helped lead a youth movement against the Keystone Access Pipeline in North Dakota. Jasilyn shares how she overcame addiction, connected with her heritage, and stood up for what was right against oppressive commercial forces.

She’s Revolutionary

Director:Brittany “B. Monét” Fennell
Tarana Burke and her daughter Kaia share the genesis of the #MeToo movement and how important it is to continue the work of valuing girls, providing language to identify abuse, and supporting survivors everywhere.